We all like to made to feel special... Or that someone has noticed the contribution we make....

Branded Gifts do that for you

Branded Gifts will help you show your appreciation to your clients and your team and clients on behalf of your company.

Corporate gifts can help in the strengthening of relationships and ensures your company is always remembered.

Choosing the right corporate gift can be overwhelming. Personnel Avenue can assist you in getting the appropriate gift that gives the right message.

Always there, always handy and making the clients think of you 1st!

Move your business from the invisible to most visible!


We spend most of our working day in our offices or at our desks. So too do our clients...

Maintain your business image the whole year through with branded stationery and desk items. They are the ideal idea for both your customers and employees.

Whether in meetings or at their desk, the Branded Desk will always keep your company’s image forefront in you client’s minds.

Give your own office that special feel - give your team that something that makes your company’s brand stand out from the rest.....


Dress the way you want to be addressed......

Do you want your staff to be proud ambassadors of your company – believing in the company and ultimately building your brand?

Does they way our staff dress reflect that they take the business and brand seriously?

What we wear can affect how we feel and behave. It should compliment the image you want your company to portray.

Branded Clothing is a powerful way to bring professionalism to your team. The added benefit is that your staff feel that they belong to something special and are recognised as being an integral part of it – they develop “brand pride”.

It also is an effective way to ultimately communicate your company brand to your clients.

What a better way to grow the company than stylishly wearing your brand ?


Happy Staff! Motivated Staff! Healthy Staff! Enthusiastic Staff!

Let the team know they are important – not just an employee number.

Give a little fun, give a little recognition, give a little something.....

We have a range of unique, fun and even useful ideas for your team

...give us a call for your team’s Branded Lifestyle