Your Personal Personnel Company

Personnel Avenue has provided staffing solutions to numerous large corporate and medium sized clients since 1994. We have been successful in a competitive market due to our integrity and commitment to our clients, candidates and staff.

Through our experience, we know that these solutions reach beyond only the placement of best fit people for your team - be it permanent, contract or short term staff.
We offer a comprehensive service, whereby we can assist with biometric checks, payroll services, interview services and staff recognition / branding.

Our experience over the years of meeting many people from a great variety of companies has emphasised that an engaged and recognised staff member in a company will perform at far greater levels and thereby contribute to their company's brand.

To this end, we have acquired another division where we provide a staff and company branding service. This will provide a means to further engage your staff in the performance of your company objectives.

Recruitment Tools

We are based in the East Rand, Gauteng and have a far reach across the country where we assist clients to find the staff they need. We work hard to build, maintain and sustain strong business relationships by understanding our client's complete staffing needs.

We have paid close attention to the change in the staffing industry and introduction of various e-recruit functionalities and offerings. In addition, we are aware that social media and on-line platforms have grown significantly.

However, while we have found these to be of great value, it does not replace the “human touch” and interaction. This gives the client, the candidate and us a far better understanding of those nuances that cannot be seen on a cv.

The additional benefit is that there is comfort by all parties that we are a team of experience and intergrity. We live our motto “PLACING PEOPLE FIRST”

The Team

Any organisation is only as strong as its team. Our team is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional, with a combined industry experience of almost 80 years. We make a concerted effort to be a personal personnel agency.

We operate in a way that focuses on our individual pocket of excellence that creates a whole that is stronger than its separate parts. We live out our TEAM belief.

We are here to help save your most valuable asset – your time. And ultimately time = money.

We work with our clients to identify their staffing and staff related needs and find the right fit within their budget and time frame. We will take care of the staff sourcing functions that will untimately help bring your new candidate on board. Throughout this process, we need your honest and complete feedback to work efficiently and effectively.

Sectors and Skills

Personnel Avenue operates across a variety of sectors and industries, including but not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Motor and Transport Industry

We recruit senior managerial to junior staff for permanent, short-term and contract positions predominantly in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Full accounts functions
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping and Stores
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement / Buying
  • Support functions – secretarial, switchboard and reception, office administration,
  • Sales, internal sales and marketing
  • SHEQ
  • Call centre